Month: July 2011

Unresolved imports in Eclipse/Pydev

The Pydev plugin for Eclipse (at least on my system, Ubuntu Linux on a PC) has a hard time with imports, reporting them as unresolved when Python can actually find them.  I find this particularly bothersome when I do projects with OpenCV and Beautiful Soup, as it can’t find either of them and so can’t do code completion.

This thread has the answer. In case that goes away, what you need to do is this:

Go to Project Properties -> Interpreter -> the “Configure an Interpreter not listed” hyperlink

Uncheck and recheck the box next to the interpreter you are already using (probably the default one), or make some other change that doesn’t really change things.

Hit “Apply” and go for a soda while PyDev reindexes things.

Open some file with the bogus unresolved import and make an edit, then save it. Pydev will recheck the imports and stop whinging about the unresolved ones.

As they say on the Heart of Gold, anything you cannot deal with now is your own problem.