Fire Art

This page is very much a work in progress, but it will eventually have photos and descriptions of a bunch of stuff I burned.

dcp_0039 dcp_0059

Firebreathing in college. There’s not really a particular “trick” to firebreathing, unless you count “Not freaking out when your entire visual field is fire” as a trick.

p1010353 p1010360

Supersoaker, rubbing alcohol and a blowtorch. Now that I’m way better at flame effect plumbing, I’m planning to build another one. One that’s not made of plastic and fail.

IMG_20110822_184339 IMG_20110822_184348 IMG_20110822_184355 IMG_20110902_203124 IMG_20110902_203131 IMG_20110903_182720 IMG_20110903_204704 IMG_20110903_205658

The glow-worm, for a Balsa Man event in 2011. The Boston Regional event is called “Firefly”, so I figured a glow-worm sculpture made sense for a tiny burn with tiny art.

An effect head for a fire staff.

Head shot of Ms. Fire, a mobile human-scale sculpture.

More of Ms. Fire.