Month: March 2013

Converting .MPG to .AVI with Linux programs

I am trying to convert .mpg files from a sony camera into other, smaller versions for distribution. The files are in the mpeg2video codec, with a resolution of 720×480 at 29.97 fps. Normally, I’d use ffmpeg for this, but apparently “This program is only provided for compatibility and will be removed in a future release. Please use avconv instead.” Thanks Ubuntu, I’m sure that won’t screw up a few thousand people’s video conversion scripts.

Anyway, let’s see what man avconv has to say. I want no sound, and I want to start 55 seconds into the film, to cut off most of a boring first minute. Seeking into the video is -ss 00:00:55. The option -an drops the audio. So, avconv -i blue_ball.mpg -an -ss 00:00:55 blue_ball.avi should do it. And, in fact, it does.