Neural Net book

For a book on a kind of dry subject, this book has an oddly humorous tone:

“It is also interesting to rotate a frog and notices that his eyes try to maintain their orientation up to some maximum angle at which time the frog will close his eyes, giving up the attempt at computing the appropriate adjustment of the visual input. Try not to let anyone see you doing these experiments”

“If a hole is punched in the visual cortex, V1, the only apparent deficit is a hole in the field of view… There are anecdotal records of people receiving damage to this part of the cortex. They report seeing President Bush’s thousand points of light.”

“At a recent neural network conference, Minsky tried to clear up the misconception that he was the devil.”

That last one is because Minsky wrote a proof that single-layer perceptrons can’t do the XOR operation, and funding for neural networks dried up for years. This made him unpopular with the people who had been getting that funding.