Coloring cells based on cell value in OpenOffice

OpenOffice (probably LibreOffice too) has limited functionality for setting the background color of a cell. I wrote a little macro that colors each cell blue, with saturation depending on the range of the value. This is in OOBasic, but it demonstrates the general idea, and the proper way of setting cell background colors.

Sub Main

End Sub

sub ColorCells

dim ii
dim jj
dim r
dim g
dim b
dim doc as object
dim sheet as object
dim cell as object

doc = ThisComponent
sheet = doc.Sheets.getByName("Sheet1")

for ii = 0 to 5
	for jj = 0 to 626
		cell = sheet.getCellByPosition(ii, jj)
		r = 255 - (cell.Value * 255)65536
		g = 255 - (cell.Value * 255)65536
		b = 255
		cell.CellBackColor = RGB(r,g,b)
	next jj
next ii

end sub