ToyBrain boards on the way!

The PCBs for my programmable toy controllers are on their way to me. That means that I didn’t mess up the layout in some way that makes it impossible to make the boards, but doesn’t preclude me possibly getting something wrong in the design. I’m going to assemble a few when they arrive and shake them down for layout defects. I also have a beta tester who wants to use one.

One thing I’m considering for the next version is adding an on-board voltage regulator, but that usually calls for caps as well, and starts to drive the board size and price up.  I should also add mounting holes, but again, those take board real estate. I may neaten up the connector layout, and make sure everything is on 0.1″ centers for ease of mounting with normal pin headers. If I get all the through-hole connections moved to the edges of the board, or add edge connectors that make good wire lands and good header connections, I may be able to shrink the board more and not have many pins sticking through it. That would mean it would have a smooth bottom, and so be easy to mount with double-sided tape.